This repository provides part of the C++ implementation behind our paper titled 3D Multi-Robot Patrolling with a Two-Level Coordination Strategy“. The software allows testing the proposed multi-robot strategy within a V-REP simulation environment. More information on this page



pySLAM is a toy implementation of a monocular Visual Odometry (VO) pipeline in Python. I released it for educational purposes for a computer vision class I recently taught. I started developing it for fun as a Python programming exercise, during my free time. You can use this toy framework as a baseline to play with VO techniques or create your own (proof of concept) VO/SLAM pipeline in python. 

ROSIntegration for Unreal Engine 4.23

code:  (fork)
new: now this fork has been merged into the original repo

I succeeded in porting the ROSIntegration plugin to the brand new version 4.23 of Unreal Engine (UE). The ROSIntegration plugin allows a cool integration between UE and ROS. The plugin was already available and tested up to UE 4.22. Unfortunately, some memory management bugs prevented the plugin from correctly working (getting continuous crashes) under the new version 4.23 (where more strict checks are performed on UObject and memory management). I successfully found and fixed the bugs in the ROSIntegration plugin. Now, it correctly works without crashes.