TRADR Year 3 Review in Montelibretti – Work Package 4 Obtained an Excellent Evaluation

This year, the TRADR review took place at the Scuola Di Formazione Operativa of Vigili del Fuoco (Italian Firefighters) in Montelibretti (Italy), on Tuesday March 7 and Wednesday March 8. It was a great time and an excellent occasion to further integrate and test all the most recent WP developments in the TRADR system.
After working hard for a long year, Work Package 4, under ALCOR team responsability, obtained an excellent evaluation. During the demo, we showed:
• our new path planner nicely driving the robots among wrecked cars, stones and barriers in a rescue environment,
• two robots patrolling in the gallery.

You can find further details about our new patrolling algorithm on this page.



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