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My new pySLAM v2 is out!

I am excited to release pySLAM v2. The new version allows you to play with SLAM techniques, visual-odometry, keyframes, bundle-adjustment, feature-matching, and many modern local features (based on new Deep Learning approaches). It was a long work to make everything accessible from a single python environment but it was worth it!

Now, you can easily test how many modern local features perform and compare with respect to classical ones, within a pure feature matching application or a within a SLAM/Visual-odometry pipeline. At the present time, the following feature detectors are supported:

The following feature descriptors are supported:

You can find more information in the file

A serious benchmarking is still a work in progress. 

Source code:

Check my related tweet with people’s comments, etc.


2 thoughts on “My new pySLAM v2 is out!

  • Ivan Anikin

    Hi, awesome project, thank you for publishing the code.
    Is there any kind of tutorial on how to run the code on Windows?

  • Hi, thank you very much! Unfortunately, I didn’t develop pyslam under windows since many on the dependencies are not designed or guaranteed to work under Windows. In any case, you can try to install it under Windows with WSL2 (it allows to install ubuntu with a fast GUI): see for instance this link
    Didn’t test it yet though. WIP…


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