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slamplay is available on github

If you love to play with SLAM like me, I shared slamplay on github: 

slamplay is a collection of powerful tools to start playing and experimenting with SLAM in C++. It’s a work in progress. It installs and makes available in a single cmake framework some of the most important

  • back-end frameworks (g2ogtsamceresse-sync, etc.),
  • front-end tools (opencvpcl, etc.),
  • algebra and geometry libs (eigensophuscholmod, etc.),
  • viz tools (pangolinimgui, etc.),
  • loop-closure frameworks (DBOW3iBOW, etc.),

along with some nice examples in order to easily and quickly start with all these tools.

I created slamplay for a computer vision class I recently taught. I started developing it for fun, during my free time, taking inspiration from some repositories available on the web.


This is my related post on X: 

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