Fourth TRADR Evaluation Exercise in Rotterdam with GB Firefighters

From November 6th to November 17th, I took part to the fourth TRADR Evaluation Exercise in Rotterdam. The full TRADR system was evaluated by the GB firefighters end-users in the RDM Deltalinqs Training plant. They successfully performed many search and rescue missions by teleoperating our TRADR UGVs in the plant.

Together with RenaudAbel and Cesar from ETHZ, we also tested and put into action our collaborative mapping, patrolling and exploration algorithms.

Above and below you can find some pics of the event and some snapshots of our GUIs during some actions.

The four TRADR UGVs used during the exercise.


One of the UGVs was equipped with a robotic arm and was used to gather samples (on the right). We used a smoke machine during the action.


Fireman operating a TRADR UGV in autonomous exploration mode. Top screen shows UGV camera views, bottom screen the 3D point cloud map with the path travelled by the robot.


Two screenshots of the Rviz GUI while two UGvs were autonomously patrolling the facility.


The GUI used for monitoring a collaborative autonomous exploration with two UGVs.


A patrolling demo for local Authorities during the Techday.